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Happy New Years (Yeah i am a little late)

So i got around to update the website We are going to use this website now on for applying for staff and for the forums. I also forgot about this until some people went and joined the website so thank you to the people who joined the website for letting me know it's still a thing.

Also the website is back up, the new ip is Play.DragonBlockElite.online the modpack is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dragon-block-elite-official.971486

We also have a new discord so here is an invite link to it, https://discord.gg/wXtHtAW

I hope to see everyone on the server

We are now using other mods then DBC, we recommend using our modpack to join from now on so you can always have the latest mods we have on our server. We also added a few more plugins. I nerfed the default Sagas they now are stronger, but give more TP. Tournoment will start back up next week as the map reset because of the added mods to the server. I am sorry for the reset, But it had to be done.